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The Future of Interior Design: Video Technology

Technology. We see it happening all around us, from e-design to virtual assisting, even hopping on video calls when you can't be there in person. So, what's next for our industry? Many of you (myself included) already utilize programs such as Sketchup and Chief Architect to show your clients 3D views of the space you're designing for them. And if this is not your forte, then you can outsource it to assistants like me, which is a win win for all!

I have seen many designers utilize video for their businesses with amazing results. Some examples include going live on Instagram and/or Facebook, YouTube videos or channels, Instagram/Facebook stories, video conference calls, live call in shows... I mean I could go on and on! There is another great way to utilize video though that I am not seeing as much of, so I am now offering a service to do just that.

Even with 3D renderings, at times it can be difficult for your client to visualize their space. Sometimes clients just need to see the full picture, almost as if they were in the space and walking around. So, I present to you-- 360 Degree Walk Through Videos. <-- Click to see this page on my website, and check out this example to see what it's all about!

Are you seeing how this could benefit your business? If so, please get in touch with me, I'd love to help! I personally think that these videos would pair perfectly with a couple of photo-realistic renderings of the space to show your client the full package.

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