Training Kit includes the following:

-4 PowerPoint Presentations with step by step videos of my screen, notes, tips, and tricks after each slide

-4 Videos of each PowerPoint (in case you do not have the PowerPoint program)

1. Introduction to Photoshop Training Tutorials

-Includes helpful links and tips before getting started

2. Photoshop Training Session #1: Mood Boards

-Step by step training on creating beautiful boards with your logo, title, and organizing and arranging images 

-We also learn how to make everything have a white background for seamless presenting

3. Photoshop Training Session #2: Editing to Improve Renderings & Images

-Learn how to make edits to your renderings, whether from Sketchup, Chief Architect, or some free resources that I give you links to

-We go over adjusting colors, brightness, shading, highlighting, and so much more

-I show you how to add layers to your images

4. Photoshop Training Session #3: Creating 2D Vignettes

-We create a photoshop rendering from a blank document, start to finish

-Learn how to manipulate shapes, resize, duplicate, texture, and more

*Printable Cheat Sheet PDF of frequently used tools and commands

*Total Duration of Training Videos = 5 + hours!

*After you checkout, you will receive an e-mail with a link to download the instructions for obtaining the files. Then, within 24 hours you will receive another e-mail with a link to a drop box folder where you can download all of the training documents to your computer. The link will expire 7 days after it is sent, so watch your e-mail!

Training Tutorial: Photoshop for Interior Designers