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Bathroom Remodel

When my client Kathy first approached me with designing her a new bathroom, I was ready and excited to get involved. She had purchased a lovely home in Batavia, Ohio that needed a major bathroom overhaul. Every designer loves starting with a clean slate! Upon my first visit to the quiet home off the beaten path, I could see that the home had lots of potential. She found a true gem and was ready to work hard to make it her home!

Here are the before pictures of the bathroom:

As you can see, the bathroom was very small and in desperate need of a makeover. It was such a tight space that I had a hard time getting decent photos. Luckily, Kathy was willing to lose the guest room closet in order to expand the bathroom. With measurements and hearing Kathy's wishes, I was able to get started on some preliminary plans. There were lots of revisions and discussions back and forth with Kathy, which is just a typical part of the process. We also had the dilemma of having no bathtub in the house so that she could have a beautiful walk-in shower. We even debated the idea of taking away from the master bedroom in order to fit both a tub and shower in the bathroom. Although it helps with resale to have a tub in the house, we ultimately decided that she should be 100% happy with the space and have it the way she wants it, not the way a future home owner might like it several years down the road.

Once we finalized a floor plan, it was time to make selections. This is the fun part that most people think is the only part of an interior designers job. Although selections can be time consuming, the bulk of the work is spent coming up with a floor plan that will best suit the client's needs.

First we picked out the tile and then finalized vanity, counter top, and plumbing fixtures. The ordering process can take a few weeks, during which time demolition by the contractor began.

Here are some highlights of the design process:

Original floor plan options:

Final floor plan & 3D Views:


As always, a project during the holidays can present delays and challenges. Add that in with the fact that this is an older home, you can almost guarantee delays. The contractor ran into a few issues during the remodeling process, so we were set back a bit from her original schedule. After all the waiting, I was excited to hear from Kathy after the holidays that things were coming together. During this time I got in touch with my photographer to let her know it was almost time. We were able to get over there for photos as soon as the paint dried!

Here are the amazing after pictures:

My photographer Heather did a great job capturing this transformation. It's such a wonderful feeling to see the final product and watch your vision come to life. I would love to hear your feedback and reactions to this bathroom flip!


Photography: Heather Ann Photography (

Contracting Services: Amburgey Services LLC (

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