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Assisting for a Showhouse Design Entry

If you're an interior designer, you've likely heard of a showhouse. Maybe you've even designed for one at some point. Before this project, I'll admit I was a little clueless. However, once I learned about this amazing tradition I was hooked! I really enjoyed looking at all of the different transformations of showhouses over the years from all across the country. Let me tell you all about my awesome experience virtually assisting a designer for two entries into the Junior League of Hartford's 2018 Showhouse.

Meet Sharon McCormick, a very talented interior designer in Hartford, Connecticut. Her years of experience and expertise made her a top candidate for the showhouse. There was only a short amount of time between seeing the showhouse, coming up with a design, and entering before the deadline, but Sharon was up for the challenge! That is why she enlisted my help in creating mood boards and 3D renderings for her two entries. We were a great team and worked quickly. Right away, Sharon sent me the floor plans so I could start laying out the models in Sketchup. As she worked on the design and decor, she would send me her selections. Between the e-mails and calls I really got to know Sharon's style as a designer. I think you will agree that these designs are absolutely amazing and one of a kind!

Entry #1: The Sophisticated CEO - Office

Before Photo:

Mood Board:

3D Rendering for entry:

3D Rendering Revised after approval:

The After Photo:

Pretty amazing transformation, don't you think?! Some items had to be substituted due to long lead times, but overall the translation from 3D to reality is perfect. It is hard to tell scrolling through which are real and which are renderings! Click here to read Sharon's blog post all about the process.

Since it isn't humanly possible to design two rooms in one showhouse on such a tight timeline (okay it's possible, but not recommended if you want to sleep!) Sharon could only be chosen to design the office. Otherwise, I think her entry for this library would have been a winner. I may be a little biased here, of course. Either way, I couldn't end this post without showing you the work for her second entry.

Entry #2: The Sophisticated CEO - Library

Before Photo:

Mood Board:

3D Rendering:

Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed this as much as I did!

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