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2018 Holiday Gift Guide: Decorate with Ease this year!

Hello all, the holidays are upon us and you can always count on me for a holiday blog post! This will mark my 3rd annual holiday guide! This years theme is all about simplifying your life when it comes to decorating for the holidays. As a Mom I am learning that this is key! I have put together a guide of amazing gifts and products that you should totally check out, but you will probably already have many of these items to pull together. The big idea is that it’s really easy to swap out things for the holidays- all you need are a few art prints, pretty frames, vases, and some floral stems!


Easy peasy, right?! Take away the florals and holiday prints and you can add different styles for each holiday or time of year. The bonus: these items won’t take up a whole storage closet worth of space! Just a simple container for the florals and a folder for the prints to swap out each season. Boom, you’re welcome!

Here are the details on each item, enjoy!

1. If you find yourself in need of lighting, look no further because this shop has some really awesome and unique fixtures! Jay (owner and creator of Peared Creation) is always on the hunt for unique items to make something new. The shop is located in downtown Chillicothe, OH. (hi neighbor!) But don't worry, Jay has a beautiful website and Etsy shop for you to explore and have the items shipped to you! See links below:

2. If you haven't heard about Cheryl Kees Clendenon of In Detail Interiors, where have you been? She is a wonderfully talented Interior Designer based in Florida with a wide range of clients all over the US. Her firm has been featured in several magazines and books over the years, one of which I stumbled upon while vacationing in Florida. I got really excited to see her work because I recognized her name from the design community. Along with being a full service interior design firm, In Detail Interiors (1514 Home) is also a unique shop for vintage and stylish items for your home. When I saw this mirror I immediately had to send Cheryl a message about featuring it on this post. Check it out for yourself, links below:

3. In need of some unique home decor items? Start with Belle & June and you will likely find what you need and more! They also have furniture, baby items, gifts, pet items, rugs.. and so much more. They even have a tab that lets you shop by color, how fun is that? Jordana started Belle & June to fill a void in quality home accents. She grew frustrated with this problem, so she decided to start her business selling beautiful and unique items from reputable vendors and artisans. She carefully researches to find well crafted pieces for your home. I love that she named her business after her daughter and son; Belle for her daughter Isabelle, and June for her son Jesse who was born in June. Click below to see the decorative vase I have featured, isn't it gorgeous?

4. Do you recognize that print? Well congrats if you do, because I made that one! I decided to make a special winter print for the holiday season. It reminds me of being all warm and cozy inside while it's snowing and freezing outside. I am not a cold weather person, so you will not often find me outside if it's cold! Be sure and check out my other prints too, I am building up my shop and would love to see some of these beauties go to a good home! My work is featured on Etsy and Society 6, see links below:

5. I discovered Jill Rosenwald on instagram and immediately fell in love with her pottery. She has a unique style that I adore, and her shop has a variety of pieces that are both beautiful and versatile. She started out by selling her pottery on the streets of NYC, and eventually landed a line with Neiman Marcus! Now her pottery is sold in many stores across the US. She also has a showroom in Boston where she collaborates with other designers and artists. To see the ceramic cup and her website:

6. One of my favorite places to find unique art prints is Society 6. You can find cute holiday art and order the print, framed print, stationary card, metal print... and so much more! This particular artist has a really neat shop, you'll find foxes, pineapples, florals, and more. Check it out!

7. Another great print found on Society 6! Totally different artist and shop, another great reason to love this website. Full of diversity and unique art!

8. Here we have the matching vase to the cup by Jill Rosenwald. Link to vase below:

9. I adore this buffet table from TOV Furniture, one of a kind! The rest of their furniture is just as unique. TOV is a trade only furniture line, so contact myself or your local designer to see about ordering from them! I promise you won't regret it, some of the most amazing furniture is available through designers. This particular piece is part of the Gatsby collection, so it's no wonder I loved it at first sight!

10. Last but not least, I'm really loving on this colorful rug, perfect for the holidays. It is 100% wool and hand woven, and the craftmanship looks perfect. House of Kilim offers some really beautiful rugs, and they use natural fibers and dyes for their rugs. So that means no harmful chemicals coming from your rug! Check out their website to see more:

Thank you so much for reading my holiday post this year, and a big thanks to the designers, vendors, and artists that participated! Your beauitful work makes my job so easy.

As always, I am here for your virtual design assistant needs, so get in touch with me today if you are in need of assistance!



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